A Closer Look at Beef Cattle Production

The Thompson Research Center will dive deep into the technology used to improve beef cattle production during its annual Field Day on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., with a free lunch included. There will also be two demonstrations after lunch: on drones and genomics selection. The entire event is free and open to the public.

“We provide the newest methods to help producers with doing artificial insemination (AI) and estrous synchronization, using the newest genetic information to improve their herd and update the economics for increasing profitability of their herd,” Superintendent Rodney Geisert said.

Thompson Superintendent Rodney Geisert welcomes attendees during last year's Field Day. Photo by Logan Jackson.Thompson Superintendent Rodney Geisert welcomes attendees during last year’s Field Day. Photo by Logan Jackson.

The Thompson Field Day will feature several topics, each with a focus on beef cattle. Thompson will showcase its reproductive and genomics research. There will also be presentations on economic opportunities for cattle producers facing lower cattle prices and a look at modified genes.

“The presentations are established to provide a variety of ideas and viewpoints on topics related to beef production, so attendees can take away a variation of tools to help them,” Geisert said.

Hundley-Whaley Research Center (Albany, Mo.) Superintendent Bruce Burdick will present on using drones on the farm before lunch. After lunch, Burdick will give a demonstration on drone surveillance of the Thompson Research Center.

Jared Decker, a beef geneticist and University of Missouri Extension specialist, will follow Burdick’s demonstration with a closer look at genomic selection.

“Demonstrations help the producers see how useful genomic testing can be, with using the Thompson Research cattle herd as an example,” Geisert said. “We’ll look at what the cattle look like and compare that to what the genomic testing does for herd selection. The drone demonstration will provide an example of how drones are being used at the Research Centers and allow for questions concerning regulations.”

The Thompson Research Center is located at 668 NW Hwy C in Spickard, Mo. For more information about the Field Day, call (660) 485-6576 or email Geisert at geisertr@missouri.edu. For more information about the Thompson Research Center, visit thompson.cafnr.org.